Personal Research

My research focuses on Ability-Inclusive Sensory Theatre, or Sensory-Inclusive Theatre, an emerging genre within Theatre for Young Audiences which creates work from the ground-up for children on the autism spectrum and with other cognitive disabilities. Through sensory immersion, empathetic improvisation, and a structure which focuses on soft transitions and consent, artists are able to create rich theatrical landscapes for audiences who are not served well in a tradition theatre space.

I am currently working on my doctoral dissertation on Sensory-Inclusive theatre within the United States.


Published Work: 


"Creating Autistic Space in Ability-Inclusive Sensory Theatre"Youth Theatre Journal 


Upcoming publications:

“Implementing Universal Design for Learning in Extra-Curricular Drama Education Contexts” Routledge Companion to Drama in Education

“The Imagined Child Onstage: Theatrical Depictions of Parental Grief during Transition for Youth on the Autism Spectrum” Routledge Companion to Theatre and Young People,


Current projects:

"From the Ground Up: Teaching-Artist-Generated Change for Anti-Racist Pedagogy", in collaboration with Kailea Saplan and Katherine Norman